Would You Like to Connect with Your Life’s Purpose?

There is “vertical tube of light” that runs through the centerline of our bodies called theHara”, according to Barbara Brennan, best-selling author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging.

The Hara also extends below us to a point deep within the earth, connects and synchronizes us with the earth’s magnetic field, a high vibrational source of healing energy.  It also extends out the top of our heads connecting us to the God Source and our Divineness.

The Tan Tien and Soul Seat are 2 points that lie within the Hara.  The Tan Tien found just below the navel is a sphere of light that holds enormous amounts of power that we can use to create through our intention.   This is where martial artists access their power source.  They refer to it as the Chi.

Then there is the Soul Seat located at the upper chest bone.  Here is where we carry our soul’s longing for what we came here to accomplish in this lifetime.

So as you meditate, begin to visualize the Hara and connect with this line of golden light energy.  Connecting you to heaven and earth and the essence of the real you beyond your physical body and personality.

The energy of your individual Hara is aligned with your life’s purpose.  The more you do this, you will find greater meaning and purpose to your life.

I have consistently experienced that the events of my day fall into place more easily and effortlessly as a result.  There is more synchronicity in my life and I seem to get the guidance I am searching for.  ????

This is another tool we can use to be Living in greater Harmony with ourselves, our families, and each other.

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Namaste my dear friends,

Joanie DelaGarza, RN, CR, HTCP

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