Tap into the Powerful Energies of 2019


Happy New Year my friends.

It’s 2019 and what potential awaits us! According to Numerology, 2019, 2+0+1+9 adds up to the number 3.

The energy of 3 is about joy, communication, creativity, self-expression, letting go of friendships, relationships, and jobs that are draining you and no longer hold your interest. Moving forward with purpose that comes from the Heart.  

It’s a bolder energy and it should be after the effects of the past solar activities and recent Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon energies.

We can’t ignore how all this galactic activity affects us electromagnetically and in turn affects us physically and emotionally.  We are evolving my friends, so expect changes in thinking and ways of doing things.

Let’s hold a higher vision for ourselves and the world!

So how can we make the most of this powerful 2019 energy and amplify its benefits?
Below is a list of my favorites.

*I have blogged about all of these in the past years so if you would like to go more in depth, go to my website www.HarmonizingTouch.com and click on my blog Living in Harmony for the full content.

  • Gratitude– write down 5 things you are grateful for every day. When you start paying attention to your life around you, you will start noticing all that you really do have, not what you don’t.
  • Ground and connect to the powerful Earth energy below your feet and above you to your Higher Self and Spirit.  Now imagine a channel of energy running through your core. There is an unlimited source of healing and rejuvenating energy available to us through this channel.
  • We all have Guardian Angels that watch over, protect, and guide us.  We can ask them for all kinds of guidance and assistance, But we must ASK them first before they can intervene, because we live in a “free will” universe.
  • Meditate-spend some silent time with yourself daily even for 5 minutes. Meditation has proven health benefits and this is where we receive our inspiration and imagination.
  • Practice being in the “Present Moment.”  Breathe and take notice of everything around you with all your senses. There is usually a lot of joy and beauty that we miss because we are focused on the past or future.
  • Get out in Nature, go for a walk, soak up the sunshine, watch a sunset.
  • Listen to Music. Music contains vibrations and frequencies that affect our cells and tissues. Just as good music affects us in a positive way, music such as “heavy metal” can have a negative effect on our being.
  • Take time to Play and Laugh. This is a great stress reliever and brings us back to our child-like selves that many of us have lost touch with.
  • Be responsible for the energy and attitude you bring into a room. You can make a difference by your very presence.
  • Self-Care– schedule regular bodywork; Healing Touch, Reiki, Craniosacral, Reflexology, etc.  It not only has preventative health benefits, it is deeply relaxing and positively affects our body, mind, and spirit.

Please call and set up a rejuvenating session.  I would love to assist you in living your best life possible.

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