Healing With Energy Is The Future Of Medicine

“Energy and the use of energy in healing will be the biggest frontier in medicine over the next decade.”
Dr. Oz

I believe the future is already here.  Light Therapy is one such modality that uses the energy of light to heal.

I have previously blogged about this, but I want to go into the science behind it and hopefully take the mystery out of it.

Light Therapy uses LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to send light energy, specific wavelengths of light, into the body which helps generate therapeutic benefits.  The body is a living photocell.  We are designed to receive light through our eyes, skin, and the field of energy that surrounds us.

In the same way plants use sunlight to convert chlorophyll into energy that promotes plant growth, our cells absorb particles of light (photons) from the LEDs and transform its’ energy into adenosine triphosphate (ATP).   ATP is the energy of the cell and powers the metabolic processes in the body such as synthesizing DNA/RNA, proteins, and enzymes to repair and regenerate the cells.  All of this translates into increased health and wellness with anti-aging benefits!

Light therapy is also known to increase Nitric Oxide which studies have shown most of us do not have enough of and may be a factor in disease.  This miracle molecule is the key to significantly lowering pain, inflammation, and is critical to heart and brain health.

We can thank NASA for bringing us this technology. They successfully used LEDs in space to grow plants in the absence of light.  NASA also uses LEDs to treat astronauts for wound healing, tissue regeneration, and bone loss.

*The good news is that we can now purchase Light Therapy units for ourselves that are safe and easy to use at home!

These Lights use a combination of far infrared light, red and blue light embedded in soft comfortable pads that are placed on the skin.  The Light unit is programmed to work on a wide variety of health conditions which makes it very personal to your specific needs.

*They are FDA cleared for pain relief, increased circulation, and injury recovery.

Light Therapy has been life-changing for me!  Using the Lights has improved my digestion, decreased pain and stiffness in my joints, as well as increased my energy and boosted my immune system when I have felt like I was coming down with a cold or flu.

At Harmonizing Touch I use the Lights on their own or in combination with Reiki and Healing Touch.

* Please come and receive a complimentary session and ask me how you can obtain a set of these Lights for your personal use at home!