Grazie Italia!

I am refreshed and re-energized as I return from our European vacation in Northern Italy!  I have come away with some insights as one always does when you travel and observe other cultures and ways of living.
They have compelled me to reconsider how I am living my own life.  I’d like to share my thoughts with my readers and then go a bit deeper in exploration of this.

  • Italians drive smaller cars.  Many people walk and ride their bikes to get around in the cities.
  • The Italians appreciate fashion and many of them are beautifully dressed.   It is also not uncommon to see woman in a skirt and high heels riding her bike to work…breathtaking!
  •  Italians tend to be slim and trim and yet they eat pasta every day!  Life is centered around food, friends, and family!  Each city has their local dishes that they prepare depending on what they grow.
  • There is daily “siesta time” where the shops close down for 2 hours and people go home for lunch and rest.   Although it may be inconvenient to the shopper, it highlights the values of family and self-honored time the Italians hold dear. There is a quiet and calmness in the air during “siesta”.
  •  Italians gather and eat in the many outdoor cafes throughout the cities. Waiters dressed in white aprons await their customers with an elegant style.
  • There seems to be less waste of resources. My favorite was the use of our hotel door keycard.  You place it in a holder on the wall inside your room as you enter.  This turns on access to the electricity in your hotel room.  When you leave, you take your keycard and “boom” all the lights go off, etc.  Love it!
  • There are churches in every small town along the countryside and in every city.  The churches all have bell towers, so many bell towers everywhere, and the bells ring every hour.  It’s a lovely way to wake up!
  •  So much history, so much rich culture; Northern Italy, Grazie!


Interestingly the New Moon we just had in mid-September reminds of “practical simplicity” according to astrologer Stephanie Austin, which reminds me of the way the Italians live.

She goes on to say that this is the time to “discern what is most essential in our lives and eliminate what is distracting, draining, and destructive. In a world where there never seems to be enough, enough time, enough money, enough peace and quiet-we are challenged to do less and be more, to make more space in our lives for what is really important.”

New Moons are optimal times for clearing out, letting go and assess the quality of our lives in all areas. How less can be more, less clutter, fewer activities, less stress translates to a more satisfying life.” So well said! Thank you, Stephanie Austin.

It seems that the Italians have this down.  I came home inspired to look at my life differently for sure.

And now as we bask in the light of the Full Moon this Monday and Tuesday let’s enjoy the lightness and new freedom that the “letting go” and “releasing” has hopefully brought us.   This is a time to move forward into new ways of thinking and being. What intentions are we setting?  How can we live our lives more efficiently and minimally.  

See how we can “live more richly with less“, yet “be more” as we all strive to be Living in Harmony with ourselves and our world.

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Namaste my dear friends,

Joanie DelaGarza, RN, CR, HTCP


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