Caring for your family and loved ones is an honor and privilege. Take a moment to see how Harmonizing Touch has helped people in our Fort Collins Community.


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Reflexology & Energy Work

When our teenage son suffered another (and this time more severe) concussion, our thoughts immediately went to getting him help from Joanie. She is a loving mother, has a nursing background, provides amazing reflexology, and is a skilled energy worker. Love and wellness and light are all around her!

Prior to the first appointment, our son could not remember words, had trouble following conversations, had a terrible headache, and was tilted to one side when he walked. When he walked out, it was incredible. He looked so relieved and cared for, his thoughts were much clearer and the headache had subsided considerably. He (gladly!!) went back two more times, and continued to show incredible improvement each time. We continue to go to Joanie.

If you are needing tender, skilled, and effective care, call Joanie. Like Joanie’s card states, “Revitalizing Body, Mind & Spirit” -she treats ALL of you. It’s an experience we can’t recommend enough.”


Healing Touch Overall Wellness

Healing Touch is a valuable piece in my overall wellness program. My work with Joanie has been a benefit to me on both the spiritual and physical level, from the very practical reief of pain from a former automobile accident, to support for deeper spiritual aspects of healing and wellness. Joanie’s energy is open, positive and compassionate and I feel fortunate to be a recipient of her commitment to professionalism as a gifted practicioner.


Relief at Last Through Reflexology

I want you to know that your healing touch work and the reflexology you did with me has been amazing! At our last appointment, I felt such a relief from it all, and I have experienced lasting results!! I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. Your expertise and understanding is to be commended. I know it will best for me to continue the work I have started with you as part of my self-care and prevention. I am looking forward to our next session, and I am so excited to have met you!

Please feel free to share this with others! I highly recommend you and the work you do!! Thank you again, Joanie…you have made my life incredibly better! If anyone wants to talk with me about the results I experienced, you may give them my number and e-mail.


Stress and Migraines Relief Reflexology & Healing Touch

Joanie’s treatments of reflexology and healing touch are truly amazing when dealing with stress and migraines. My experience has been very successful in bringing my body back from feeling lethargic and unresponsive to feeling relaxed and balanced after a treatment. The energy comes back and then you sleep restfully. All I can say is “I don’t want to do without it now!


Harmonizing Touch

Joanie delaGarza



126 W Harvard St #5,

Fort Collins, CO 80525