What is Energy medicine?

Health care and staying healthy is such a huge topic these days and we all want to live longer and feel better, right?!   So I think it’s worth discussing the topic of Energy Medicine since Dr. Oz has referred to it as the “medicine of the future”.  Let’s find out what this is all about.

I personally believe that we will be using a combination of sound healing, light therapy, color therapy, essential oils, and energetic modalities (such as Healing Touch, Craniosacral therapy, Reiki, Acupuncture) to heal ourselves and keep ourselves healthy.  Why?  Because we are essentially energetic beings in a physical body and our cells and tissues hold and respond to energy.  Before modern medicine, ancient cultures used these therapies to heal themselves and were quite effective at it.

We are Beings of Light Energy 

It has been said that everything in our physical universe is light and sound energy vibrating at different rhythms.

“Man is essentially a being of Light”, Albert Fritz Popp 1974, Biophoton field.

Every cell in the body emits more than 100,000 photons, or light impulses per second.  Light is the ignition behind all biochemical reactions.  Think of all the chemical reactions that happen every second in our bodies such as how our cells metabolize the nutrients from our food and produce energy.   Basically, our cells communicate with different vibrations or frequencies of energy.

Our Bodies, Cells, and Tissues respond to different Frequencies of Energy

Color, light, and sound are all forms of energy.  Each color in the spectrum, each light wave, each vibration of sound we hear is expressed through a specific energetic frequency.  Many of these are invisible to us because the vibration is oscillating so fast we cannot see it with the naked eye.  These vibrations affect us very profoundly.

Think of tuning into different channels on the radio.  You must tune into the correct radio frequency to hear your favorite station or otherwise you get static.  It’s the same with our bodies; to have good health all the various systems and parts must be in tune with frequencies that promote our health.  When we are stressed, angry, eat a poor diet, etc. our biosystems begin to lower their energetic frequencies and begin to malfunction which eventually leads to illness, disease, and premature aging.

“All diseases, at least in their initial stages, are attributed to disturbances in the etheric field or the health aura- that is, at the energy level.”  Charles Klotsche, Color Medicine

Energetic therapies help to raise the vibration of energy in our bodies.  The body responds and heals because our bodies are programmed to heal in the right environment.

Beneficial Side Effects of Energy-Based Medicine  

This is the best part my friends!  Energy medicine heals you from the inside and out. It works with the body, mind, and spirit which is often the missing component in health care today.   Our emotional and spiritual well-being are often ignored but this is really the key to our health.

I invite you to start experiencing some of these energy-based therapies and see what they can do for you or more importantly how they make you feel.  I consistently hear from my clients that they experience a sense of calm, deep relaxation, reduction in pain, anxiety, and increase in good mood during and after a session.

Just another way to be Living in Harmony with yourself and the world around you.

I am now introducing Light Therapy into my Energy Medicine practice.  Please come and experience a free 30 minute Light Therapy session.

This is just a small dose of how energy affects us.  There is so much more and I invite you to look into the multitude of information available on this subject.

“If you want to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

Namaste my dear friends,

Joanie, RN, HTCP, CR