Welcome to my “Living in Harmony” blog!

I am inspired to reach out to the “Baby Boomers” , the “empty nesters” and anyone else out there who’s interested.   I have a lot to say about what I’ve learned over the years on how to live a healthier, happier and more meaningful life.  Who am I that I can speak to this?  Well for the past decade I have been a practitioner of Energy Medicine and most of my life have been diving into books and taking classes regarding health and wellness.   I would love to share the many nuggets of wisdom I have gathered over the years with a broader audience other than just my clients.

I’ll give you a variety of tips, tools, and techniques that can make aging a more graceful and positive experience.   We’ll explore some of the deeper spiritual truths that you may have always wondered about but not understood.  My goal is to simplify them for you and I’ll usually give you a bit of homework so you can incorporate it into your lives.

Some of the topics include:

  • How the magic of “gratefulness” can change your life!
  • The amazing benefits of daily meditation.
  • Exploration of energy, the medicine of the future.
  • Some easy yet profound ways to lower stress and anxiety.
  • The rejuvenating effects of DIY castor oil packs.
  • How to protect yourself ANYWHERE.

So let’s begin.  I invite you on this journey to explore some new ideas and ways of doing things that you may not have been exposed to before.  I promise to  keep it short and sweet as I know how busy our lives are and the overload of information that comes our way everyday.  Please feel free to SHARE it with friends. Open your hearts and open your minds.

Welcome to “Living in Harmony”!

Namaste my dear friends