Celebrate the Eclipse!

As we experience this epic Solar Eclipse, I want to give you some thoughts to contemplate on how this cosmic event may be affecting us emotionally and physically.  The earth along with our solar system is not only rotating within our galaxy but also moving into new areas of space within the universe.

These new areas of the cosmos expose us to new energies and magnetic fields that impact our earth as well as our bodies.

Symptoms We May Experience

It is possible that you may experience these new energies in different ways and not all of them pleasant.    Are there days you feel more fatigued and can’t seem to get anything accomplished?  Then others where you’re energized and totally on your game?  Are you feeling a bit dizzy at times?  Catching more colds, sore throats, or having flu-like symptoms?

Based on many sources of information, these new energies may actually be upgrading our DNA.  It is likely that we will be shedding old energies that don’t serve us physically or emotionally.

So while you are enjoying and viewing the Eclipse, take care of yourself!

What can you do?

Be sure to get extra rest and drink lots of water.  In these next few days:

  • Take a walk outside, get out in nature
  • Pray, meditate
  • Reflect on what you would like to change in your life
  • What do you want to bring into your life, more joy? more happiness? greater health? less anger? less fear?

These are times of great shift and change and we can use it to our advantage and advancement.  Your reality will become what you think and attract into your life.

We can transform ourselves by working with these new energies and melding them with thoughts of love, peace, and compassion for humanity.

Namaste my dear friends!

Joanie, RN, CR, HTCP

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