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What is Holistic Medicine & How does it Differ from Western Medicine?

Our Fort Collins holistic medicine practice views the health of a person from 3 aspects; Body, Mind and Spirit.  All of these should be addressed and in a positive state for true health to exist.
Our emotional health is keenly tied in to our physical health.  If we are angry, depressed, and thinking negative thoughts then our bodies will respond accordingly.  Stress hormones fill the body and prevent normal hormone function.  Eventually over time this affects our health in a negative way. Harmonizing Touch provides pain and stress relief therapy in Fort Collins that can improve your health. 
Western medicine looks at the body’s health in pieces and parts. For example, if an organ is not functioning, they treat the organ with drugs, surgery, etc. The health of the mind and spirit is not part of the diagnosis or treatment. Yet our minds and spirit are intimately related to how our bodies are functioning. We address all three aspects of health with our Fort Collins holistic medicine.
Research has proven “our emotions change how the body works”
At Harmonizing Touch, I love integrating both eastern and western medicine concepts that give you a unique approach to your health and wellness. With our Fort Collins holistic medicine, I will help you rediscover your joy in life and give you tools to start “Living in Harmony” with yourself and the world.

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