What is the Big Deal with “Grounding” Ourselves!

Have you heard someone say, especially in an unsettling situation, “Wow you need to “ground” yourself!”
What does this really mean and why is this so important?
Well, we are energetic beings. Emotions and stress can build up in our bodies.
We have the ability to open a channel for that built up emotional debris to be released by “grounding” ourselves.
We can do this through our intention, imagination, and visualization. Yes we are that creative and powerful! 🙂
Here’s how it works. There is a flow of energy we can connect to that comes up from the Earth through the soles of our feet and up through the center of our bodies to the crown of our head. This energy then returns downward again towards the feet and flows back into the earth, releasing and recycling itself.
It is an endless source of energy and always available to us, like breathing in and out.
Many people never connect with this powerful healing flow of energy we call Chi or the Life force.
*Proper alignment of the body and correct posture is the key to allowing for this flow of energy or Chi.
Energy flows best through a straight vessel. When the body is misaligned, tension is created and energy can’t flow.
How many of us pay attention to how we move through life in relation to our posture!
Let’s Explore Correct Posture to Promote this Free Flow of Energy:
  • Imagine a plumb line going through the center of your body
  • Feel your weight over the soles of your feet
  • Push your hips back until you feel your sit bones over your heels
  • Gently tuck your tailbone to level your pelvis
  • Shoulders should be directly over your hips
  • Bring your chin in to align your head over your spine
  • Now relax your muscles letting go of all tension
  • This will promote dropping the shoulders where we hold so much tension!
  • Breathe!
The more we align ourselves through our posture, the more we will connect to this powerful flow of energy.
It connects us down to the healing energy of the Earth and up to the God Source, our divineness, and infinite potential.
This is where we will find physical and emotional healing, joy, and connection with our true essence.
Oooh so much to think about my friends.  One more way to be “Living in Harmony” with ourselves and each other.
*Thanks to Marie Dotts, Tai Chi Chih Instr. Loveland, CO and her article on “Grounding.”
Namaste my dear friends,
Joanie DelaGarza, RN, CR, HTCP
Harmonizing Touch Healing Therapies
Craniosacral   Energy Medicine   LightTherapy   Reflexology
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