The Significance of this Year-2018

We are well into this new year of 2018 and it promises to be a powerful one. Numerically when you add it up, 2+0+1+8=11.
According to Numerology, an ancient mathematical system founded by Pythagoras in 580 B.C., each number carries a different meaning or vibration. The number 1 is all about new beginnings and 11 is a double 1 so it has an even greater impact.
So what does this all mean?
Well, back in December 21, 2012, we as a human race passed an important threshold in time.  According to the ancients, if we made it to this point in history (without destroying ourselves!), we as a planet would be on a path to a time of great peace, new ways of living, and a higher consciousness of thought that would affect all of humanity.
I know you probably are thinking how can that be? The world is in such chaos right now.  As the saying goes “it is always the darkest before the dawn”.
These last 6 years have been the letting go of old ways of thinking and doing things. Have you noticed it? Many of us are questioning the idea of war, our environment, gun rights, pharmaceutical monopolies and safety of some of the drugs, etc.
I believe this is just the beginning my friends.  Social media is impacting the world.  We are all watching each other and hearing the same messages.   We are realizing that we want basically the same things in life; education, a home, a good job, and food to feed our families. Only when we have these basics will we truly thrive.
So here we go my friends.  As we move forward in 2018 watch for some positive changes and start to notice how these changes will start leading us to new ways of thinking and being.  Some may even sweep you off your feet!
Please stay out of fear though.  Remember whatever we focus on comes back to us!
Focus on love, forgiveness, be compassionate and benevolent to one another
If you would like to read more about the “Shift”, here are some of my favorite sources.
I am now offering an exciting new modality, Light Therapy, in combination with my energy work if you choose to receive it.
Light pulsing at frequencies that support our optimum health of body, mind, and spirit.  It is safe, easy, non-invasive, and deeply relaxing.
Several pads containing LED (light-emitting diodes) are placed on your skin. This harmonic light sent into the body supports cellular repair, regeneration, and increased IMMUNITY, yes!
There is  lots of good research on this technology.
You can Google: Low Level Light Therapy-photobiomodulation.
Another benefit is the release of Nitric Oxide which most of us don’t produce enough of. This miracle molecule is the key to lowering pain and inflammation and is critical to heart and brain health.
Please call me if you have questions.  I would love to support you in your journey to greater health and well-being.
Namaste my dear friends,
Joanie DelaGarza, RN, CR, HTCP
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