Have you Connected with your Guardian Angel lately?

If not, I encourage you to do so.  We all have a guardian angel who is there to guide us through life but are we willing to use this valuable resource?  Remember we must ask for their help and guidance before they can assist us.  We live in a “free will” universe so their hands (or rather wings ????) are tied before they can respond.

Ask and Listen

There is an unlimited amount of counsel we can seek from them.  We really don’t have to go it alone out there my friends.  Our angels can show us the way and guide us to a life filled with greater happiness and less stress!  And then we must LISTEN for the answers.  Our angels speak to us through other people, through inspiration, even in our dreams, but we must be patient and listen.

In his book The Gentle Way, Thomas T. Moore talks about how we can summon our angel’s help by using a simple statement:

 “I request a most benevolent outcome for…….” (fill in with your specific need here).  And always say Thank you.”  You can add “and may the results be even more than I expected”.  

  • There is no limit to the number of requests
  • It can be used for anything, anywhere, as long as it has positive benefits for you and those who may benefit from your request
  • You must say it out loud or whisper if needed and it can be written down

Amazing Results

This statement has helped me to find great parking spaces, feel safe on the highway to my destination, to request that a storm does not bring any damage to my home or surrounding areas, as well as helping me achieve my goals or working with life’s particular challenges. And BTW it works!  I have been using this statement now for almost a year and I am amazed at the results.

I invite you to get this book (it’s a quick read!) and learn about all the many ways and situations you can ask for help including the history behind this statement.

Here is yet another way we can be Living in Harmony with ourselves, each other, and our world.  There are no limits to the joy and happiness that is out there for us.

You may also ask for someone else or the benefit of a situation.

He calls it a Living PrayerHere’s an example:

“I ask that everyone in the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas who is in danger, misery, and needs assistance receive all the help, love, and support from those who can assist them.”

Namaste my dear friends,