Feeling Stuck?  Be Grateful!

One of the most important concepts I pass along to my clients is the power of “counting your blessings” and how this simple practice can change your life.  I find this particularly helpful when one is feeling stuck in life.

You will find that “gratitude” expands your awareness!  You will start paying more attention to your day and start focusing on the special moments instead of what went wrong.  Ok so this is the best part, the practice of gratefulness will start changing your life for the better!   Gratefulness shifts your perception of the world around you.  Guess what, it has proven to have increased health benefits too!  Our emotions are directly related to our wellbeing. Research has proven that increased mood lowers stress.  Life will start to flow a bit more effortlessly.

Gratefulness will change your perception,

which can lead to an increase in mood,

which lowers stress,

which increases health,

which will bring more joy,

which can lead to greater success and abundance in all aspects of your life.

And all this will bring more blessings and positive life experiences into your life.

(It’s the law of the universe, “like attracts like”)


Here’s how it works.  Everyday write down five things that brought you joy that day.  I like keeping it in a dedicated “Gratitude Journal” by my bedside or just use a pad of paper.  Make it simple and easy for yourself.  You can’t think of five blessings?  Well that’s part of the magic of the exercise.  You will start looking at life from a different vantage point. What you took for granted before or failed to notice are the very things that actually keep you going and help you make it through your day.  Here are just a few examples:

  • My coffee in the morning!
  • It was a beautiful sunny day.
  • A Facebook post that moved you.
  • A good night’s sleep.
  • A wonderful conversation with a friend.
  • The flowers are blooming!
  • My dog is such a wonderful companion.

Wow!  There you have it.  One simple step that can ultimately change your life!  I love this and hope you will too.

Namaste my dear friends,