Do You Want to Live a Better Life? Make Time to Take Care of Yourself!

We care for our families, our parents, our pets, our homes, our businesses but do we spend time taking care of ourselves??  We give to others (and that’s a good thing!) but are we taking time to receive?

I really feel compelled to talk about this because I see people exhausted, run down, and tired from lack of good sleep and stressed just trying to make it through their day.  We tend to wait until we are sick and forced to slow down before we take any action towards our health.  I know because I used to live that way and wait until I crashed.  Then I would scramble to find a practitioner to see me that very day.

It takes some foresight and planning, but we tend to do that for everything else in our lives so why not for ourselves? ????

We must regularly rejuvenate, re-energize and fill ourselves back up my friends!

Why?  Because your life will flow so much easier, you will feel emotionally lighter, and better able to handle things that come your way.  You will be more able to take in the joys of life because you have emptied the stress, anger, and fear.    You will be happier, more fulfilled, and ultimately live a better life!

Yes, we must regularly reboot physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Here is a List of my Favorites!

  • Schedule regular bodywork 1 -2x /month!! Massage, Reiki, Healing Touch, Craniosacral Therapy

(some form of energy medicine that addresses body, mind and spirit which helps to release stress and emotional debris.)

  • Meditate/ a Moment of Silence/Go Within and Commune with your Inner Self

It’s amazing how even 5 minutes can restore and rejuvenate.

  • Get out in Nature/Soak up some Sunshine/Take a Walk/Watch the Sun Set

We are electromagnetic beings and our bodies respond to the energy that nature and the sun emanate.  It helps to clear our mind and allows a flow of inspiration to come in.

  •  Listen to Music/Go to a Concert

Music has proven to heal us through sound frequencies that positively affect our cells and tissues.  It promotes relaxation and healing.

  • Playtime

Play stimulates our creative thought, imagination, and inspiration.  It gives us a time out and brings out the child in us again.


Let’s begin to be “Living in Harmony” with ourselves, our families, our friends and ultimately change the world.

Namaste my dear friends,

Joanie DelaGarza, RN, CR, HTCP

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