Calm in the Midst of Chaos

These are challenging times and I’m calling out to all of you to remain grounded, loving, and be a beacon of Light.

When we drop into fear, anger, and mistrust these are all lower emotions that actually have a low vibration of energy associated with it.  The energy that you emanate will affect everyone around you and will come back to you fortunately or unfortunately depending on your choices.  One of the laws of the universe is “like attracts like”.

Be Responsible for the Energy you bring into the Room

In these turbulent times we can truly make a difference by the energy we project out into the world.  We can make a difference just by being who we are!

Have you ever been to a gathering and someone starts talking to you that is negative and depressing and before you know it, you are in an irritable, negative mood as well.  What happened?  Well your energy field just absorbed their negative energy and took yours down with it.

Then there is another person who can walk into a room and radiates such light and joy that people refer to them as “the life of the party” or “you’re going to love him/her!”  They can lift the mood in the whole room and before you know it everyone is feeling good, laughing and enjoying themselves!

We are so powerful and yes, we can be that person and affect people this way.

How can we raise the vibration of the energy we send out?

  1. Begin your day by Grounding yourself; bring your awareness into your feet and then connect to the earth through your intention.  Breathe deeply.


  1. Become quiet, be still for a few moments, go within, say a prayer, state an affirmation, and/or meditate for a few minutes in silence.  Breathe deeply.


  1. Think of someone you love or a moment in your life that brought you great joy. Fill your heart with those feelings of love and joy, then let those emotions wash over your entire body.  Breathe deeply.


  1. Send out that Love and Joy from your heart…. to the room you’re in, then your neighborhood, city, state, and eventually send it around the world and fill the universe with Love and Joy.


  1. Reconnect with those emotions of Love and Joy throughout the day.


This is how we individually can make a difference.  When enough of us send out these positive emotions of peace, love, compassion, gratitude, etc. we affect the people around us.  Ultimately this can change the world and it will come back to us in kind.

BTW this is also how we can protect ourselves anywhere.

 “by staying in the energy of Love and the Light of Spirit”

  I invite you to be “Living in Harmony” daily.

Namaste my dear friends,

Joanie DelaGarza, RN, CR, HTCP

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